Advice On NSA Behaviour

Are you very experienced when it comes to having a one night stand or a no strings sex date or is it your first time? We all have to start somewhere and accepted; although some adults take to finding and handling themselves a fuck buddy like a duck to water others find it a daunting task unsure of what they should say or do. Fear not, as long as you remember your etiquette there is no reason why the first and then subsequent NSA dates shouldn’t be all equally enjoyable.

It is more than likely that the person you have arranged to meet for your NSA date entered a nickname or username to go by rather than their real one when registering their details online. Finding out their real name before you meet is the first golden rule and it is only polite that you should at least try and remember their first name.

Ensuring your own hygiene and cleanliness is up to scratch will help avoid an embarrassing situation. Make sure you take a bath or shower before meeting, if you are meeting a non smoker don’t go stinking of cigarettes and for the guys remember to have a shave. Some of the ladies you meet might be married and enjoying s secret affair type date, you don’t want to give them a tell tale stubble burn to take home with them and of course, no love biting.

Don’t turn up without a condom, it doesn’t matter if you are the male or female always go prepared and ready for safe sex. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for a surprise pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease would you?

Don’t use the words “I have never done this before” saying that to your sex partner will give them the impression that you are ashamed at what you are doing and that you are doing something wrong. If you are doing your best to have a conversation with your fuck buddy and the replies are all coming back as yes and no answers consider that they do not wish to talk and they are quite happy to get down and on with it without 101 questions.

Never brag about past experiences, it is not a competition to see who the best is. On the same note do not ask them how good you were; asking them to evaluate your performance is a definite no. If they enjoyed your performance they are sure to be in touch again for another NSA date, if they don’t then try not to take it personally, the chemistry might just have been wrong between you both.

There is nothing more awkward than over staying your welcome. Picking the right moment to leave is a tricky one. Don’t plan on staying over the night for morning after sex, waking up next to someone in the following day is far too emotionally involving. Try to arrange your sex date for the early afternoon then there will be no suggestion of stopping over.

Don’t sneak out or run off without saying goodbye. Politely saying that you must be on your way and taking your clothes into the bathroom is totally acceptable. Make sure you clean up after yourself as well, no leaving a messf it happens then it is a bonus but if your sex buddy makes it clear that it is time to leave don’t hang around and no kisses goodbye.

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Local Fuck Buddies

Here at Fuck Buddy Dating we know exactly what it takes for a successful shag date. We have a membership base that is over flowing with rampant horny guys and naughty females for you to choose from and that choice just keeps on growing day by day. All female members that register with us are automatically upgraded meaning female members get 100% free access to all areas of the site which ensures that the balance between male and female members remains strong.

With hundreds of horny adults signing up every day the choice of discovering a new local fuck buddy to choose from is ever-increasing. Our vast membership base also ensures that we have a huge variety of adults with different fetishes and sexual persuasions so we know that we will have someone just right for you. If you are not getting enough sex then what are you waiting for? Sign up for free, upload an image of yourself and provide a quick basic profile for others to read and you will be on the way for a no strings fuck date of your own.


Horny 24 year old in search of someone to take care of her pussy on a no strings basis.

Our support team work 24/7 around the clock, there is always a member of support team staff on hand should you encounter a problem and our trained staff and advanced software including a report button alert us to any potential bogus adverts and fake members ensuring that you are never pestered by time wasters or anyone offering an escort or paid service. The moment a non-genuine advert is discovered it is removed and the person responsible for posting it is then blocked from the site.

Basic registration will give you access to the members area where you can create a profile and upload an image, it will enable others to be able to find you and it will give you the ability to search other member profiles, it will also enable you to create a favourites list and it will mean you can send unlimited winks to those who take your fancy all behind a secure and private area that only you will have access to from your PC or mobile device. Female members get an automatic upgrade totally free of charge and male members can choose to upgrade when and if they wish to do so.


Mature house wife seeking fun whilst husband is away

There are thousands of adult dating sites out there all claiming to be FREE but allow us to point out that there isn’t such a thing as a free dating site. Yes you can register for free and do lots of other things for free but we assure you there will always be a cost involved should you wish to contact someone for a sexual encounter, it will require an upgrade, how else does a site and hosting and having trained staff on hand pay for itself?

Our male members are happy to pay a small monthly fee because Fuck Buddy Dating works, due to our policy of upgrading all female members for free it ensures that we have oodles of ladies to hook up with and arranging a local fuck buddy date is easy. The society which we now find ourselves in is changing. It is now far more acceptable than ever before to hook up with someone just for the sex, we live amongst an ever increasing number of adults who just want uncomplicated no strings attached discreet encounters with a local fuck buddy and we are here to assist you in finding an adult contact in your area.

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Adult Contact Search Terms

When adults are lucky enough to discover this site we see a varied selection of search terms that they have used in landing here at Fuck Buddy Dating. From casual sex related search terms to adult contacts and fuck buddies, we also see lots of articles where these terms are explained, or should we say there is an attempt to explain them. We can save you a lot of time if you are trying to discover the difference between a fuck buddy and a casual sex date, there isn’t one, not in real terms there isn’t. The favourite quote we often see is that a fuck buddy can involve a friendship but it doesn’t have to? Well that can be said about any casual encounter, either way you have sex with someone consenting and if it is good maybe you will arrange to meet up again, maybe you will become friends but just as equally as likely you won’t.

Another that we smile at is the friends with benefits term, you will see various sites describing this as having sex with a friend but with no expectations of a long term relationship attached, well it’s the same as a fuck buddy then right? Can two friends really have sex with each other and both switch off all emotional attachment? Our advice would be to not worry yourself too much about these different descriptions, the majority of the time they all mean the same thing, the person is wanting to meet another adult for sex without any emotional attachment, pure and simple love them and leave them and if it is good and you decide you both want to do it again bonus!


Now there is one particular term that you might not be aware of and we feel we should point this out to you; cuckold sex. This is where a dominant female wishes to have sex with a man with her husband’s knowledge. This is different to an open relationship scenario and also different to a threesome as the male is usually submissive and will be present in the room and only permitted to watch. There are various degrees of cuckold sex, sometimes the husband or partner just watches and is made to feel inferior, sometimes he is asked to join in afterwards, either way couples seeking a male to join them will make what is expected perfectly clear. You might see an advert stating that a hot wife is seeking a bull, the hot wife is the term used for the adulterous wife and the bull is the term used for the guy who fucks her. When this happens the husband becomes the cuckold.

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Why Sex Dates Are Good For You

When trying to get your own way in the bedroom how many of you have told your partner that sex is good for them, it will make them feel better or cure their headache? Did you know that there is more truth in the statement that sex is good for you than you might realise? The Journal of Sexual Medicine recently released a report following a study on a group of women who were divided into those that have sex less than twice a month compared against those who have a more regular sex life. They discovered that the group of women who had less sex were also less healthy.

Another research carried out in Australia backed this up with their findings. They discovered that women who managed to have more orgasms were found to have fewer illnesses than those who rarely managed to reach the big O and they also had far higher energy levels and a far great psychological outlook to life. Further research has proven that women who orgasm more often have fewer menstrual cramps and they are also have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes. Now they are the benefits for the ladies but what about the men? Yes you will be pleased to hear that sex is good for men’s health too, it is not all one way traffic.


Ladies how are you going to ensure your orgasm

It is a fact that men’s health is generally far better if they manage to obtain regular sex. Did you know that men who have sex three times a week reduce their risk of having a heart attack or stroke by half? A national cancer institute also published a report stating that guys who ejaculate 21 times a month (as an average figure) have a 33% lower chance of suffering from Prostate cancer compared to guys who only have between 4 and 7 a month.

Male or female sex is good for keeping your blood pressure low, it improves your chance of having a good night sleep and it reduces stress, more importantly sex feels good and it is both a pleasurable experience and exciting. If you are in a relationship with a sexy and willing partner then great, sadly many of us are either in a sour relationship or even too busy for one.

There are a growing number of powerful business women who are too busy for love and romance, their careers come first and the thought of having to care and run around after a guy is far too much to contemplate. Sadly there are men and women in stale relationships up and down the country, life has become cosy for them and they find themselves constrained by the financial burden that life throws at them, this is just two examples of the type of people who turn to adult contact dating sites. Places where they can chat online and arrange to meet up for exciting no strings sex without any questions being asked or any expectations of them.

happy sex

Everyone deserves to have an active sex life

If you are married or single, if you are 18 or 70 we have a member here at Fuck Buddy Dating that will suit your needs. You might wonder how we can say that with any genuine conviction. We don’t have a magic wand, we can’t make you believe we have that ideal person; we can tell you we have but unless you sign up and register there is no other way we can prove it to you. All we can do is ask you to register for free and see for yourself. It also depends on your tastes and expectations of the person you are wishing to meet, give yourself a week and if you don’t find the ideal no strings sex date what have you lost, a little time maybe?

As a free member with us you can create a profile and add a photo of yourself, you can also search for adult contacts by county and create your favourites list as well as send unlimited winks to those that you are interested in. The moment you receive a reply or the instant someone adds you to their own favourite list you will receive an email telling you so.

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Cougar Sex Dates

Cougar dating, just to ensure we are all on the same page; when someone refers to a woman being a cougar they are referring to a lady seeking a much younger guy for sex. Typically the woman or the cougar will at least be in her forties although there is no hard and fast rule on her age. If a woman of 35 seeks sex with an 18 year old then it is just as much a cougar date as women of 50 seeking sex with a 35 year old. A cougar is usually financially stable, maybe a woman with some power or high up in what she does and nearly always independent.

Apart from the physical attraction there could be a number of reasons why older women prefer to have sex with younger guys. Some cougars are looking for revenge. They want to hurt their husbands so they go on the lookout for a much younger guy, someone their husbands might be able to compete with or better financially but not when it comes to stamina, looks and age. Some women just prefer younger guys because it makes them feel younger and it gives their own moral a boost knowing that a younger man can still be attracted to them, they want to know that they have “still got it”.

cougar sex date

This forty something year old female is seeking a guy in his twenties

There is also an ever increasing amount of guy who is actively seeking older women for sex, if you are in your early twenties and you are lucky enough to have had sex with an older lady then you will know exactly why. Women in the age group of 40+ usually carry a wealth of experience, they will have had a few lovers and they love to show off that experience as they teach and thrill you in the bedroom with their techniques. Men love to learn new bedroom techniques, guys learn fast when it comes to what they like in the bedroom.

Some guys prefer older women because they are looking for a more comforting motherly figure, no we are not talking incest or suggesting that it means you want to have sex with your mother. Older women are more mature about everything in life. They can be a comforting figure and far more understanding than a young non understanding younger woman. If you are fairly inexperienced and worried about your lasting power an older female will slow you down, she will be more patient and she will show you with her experience some tips and tricks. If the worst comes to the worst and you find yourself climaxing too quickly she will likely be more understanding and patient with the situation.

female cougar seeking date

Could you offer this cougar a no strings sex date?

For guys seeking an exciting time in the bedroom on a purely physical basis with no long term ties or commitments then a cougar date is certainly the way to go. Remember when you have gained that wealth of experience that an older woman has to offer you have got it for life, you can take that experience and show it off to the next sexual partner you find. For centuries men have been enjoying sex with younger women, now the roles are reversing and guys are now opening their eyes to what a cougar sex date can bring them. If you are an older lady seeking a younger guy then join the other cougars at Fuck Buddy Dating and automatically receive a free upgrade without the need for having to ever enter any credit card details.

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