Fuck Dates

So what exactly is a fuck date? Quite simply it is where two consenting adults meet up to have sex with no strings attached. Nothing is expected from either person other than sexual intercourse. No having to go out with each other several times before agreeing to have sex, no need to meet up for a romantic and often expensive meal and certainly not having to wonder what your friends or family might think of this new love interest.

Sometimes the most exciting partners in the bedroom are not those you would choose to marry, it might be that you are stuck in a stale relationship and you need to have sex with someone who isn’t going to ask to stay the night or who isn’t going to expect anything extra from you. Maybe you are on the rebound and you feel you want to just shag around for a while or maybe you are just happy being single but you have that sexual itch that needs scratching and scratching it on your own has become boring. If any of these scenarios fit you then a fuck date could quite possibly be an answer for you.


Describes herself as early thirties loves to receive and give oral – Is married but husband works away so discretion at all times please and she can travel not accommodate.

It doesn’t matter if you have already bedded a dozen men or women two dozen or just the one. Once the deed has been done you go on your merry way putting it down as another notch on the bedpost of experience. Sure if you met through a dating site like fuck buddy dating then if it was great sex you can inbox the person and see if they fancy meeting up again, if the sex was not the best you have had move on to the next willing person. New members join up each and every day so you are always going to find yourself presented with new opportunities.

This next question probably affects women more than men. Do you get fed up reading and hearing people ask if it is right or wrong to have sex on the first date? What does it matter, if you are attracted to the person and you are feeling horny why shouldn’t you open your legs to them, at least with a fuck date the question doesn’t have to be asked, you know you are meeting up for some hot naughty fun.

Sex of this nature is exciting because it lacks the emotional connection, it is exciting because you are entering a bit of the unknown, you are wondering what your sex date is going to bring to the table, what they might do that excites you even more. You might also wish to try out a few things that you have always held back from with a regular partner, maybe you like receiving oral sex or have fancied a bit of anal but your partner doesn’t like giving or participating. With a no strings fuck date the only thing holding you back is your imagination.


Single female seeking married men for no strings sex, this ones profile doesn’t say an awful lot but then a picture can speak a thousand words.

If you are in a stale relationship and you need some extra excitement or if you just don’t wish to be tied down to one person and you would like to enjoy sex in a care free and uncomplicated manner then a fuck date is certainly for you. If you are unsure still consider joining us and take your time flirting with a few of the members and just let fate take its course. Signing up with us doesn’t mean you have to go out and fuck every member who approaches you. If you agree to meet up then fine but if you feel unsure just enjoy the chat, it isn’t costing you anything.