NSA Dating

More and more people are quite happy to remain single, business women who have not the time or energy to spare when it comes to looking after a family or a demanding partner and guys who are just not ready to settle down and commit themselves. No strings attached dating (NSA) offers those who are not looking for love and romance a chance to meet undemanding adults of the opposite gender for sex. A quickie shag date with both participants knowing exactly where they stand; both being used by each other for nothing more than sexual release leaving you with your own private personal space when required.

Some might question why join a no strings attached dating site when they can go out to a local club or venue and pick someone up for a one night stand? The NSA dating option allows you to read about what the other person is like, their age, what they look like and it also allows you to gauge a feeling for them without being fuelled by alcohol. It also allows you to meet a few different people on a regular basis. It might be that there are 2-3 different people who you like to meet with for regular no strings attached sex. They all know exactly where they stand at the very start so no having to answer where have you been or who have you been seeing and no jealous tantrums.

Even Hollywood understand the appeal of no strings attached dating

Not all members of NSA dating sites are single. Some might have wives who are not offering themselves in the bedroom enough or husbands who work away claiming to be too tired to make love to their wife after a busy day in the office. It is a well known fact that many swingers join these types of adult dating sites with both partners openly encouraging each other to go out and find themselves a fuck buddy. I guess if you are meeting purely for the sex you need to ask yourself would you be bothered if the other person was married? I personally find the thought of having sex with another persons partner far more exciting and less likely that they will fall in love with you and they certainly will not be asking to exchange phone numbers and meet for coffee.

As long as you go into a no strings attached relationship with a totally open mind and promise to yourself that you are not going to fall in love and if you are not the jealous type it is doing nobody any harm.