Women Seeking Men

One of the most common questions we hear is “why do women need to use an online dating site in order to find themselves a sex buddy?” There is a common feeling amongst guys that women can pick themselves up a sex date easily. Whilst it is true that women do generally find it easier to attract a man’s attention than a guy does a female it doesn’t mean that they feel relaxed or comfortable about it, approaching a complete stranger and asking them if they fancy quick shag just isn’t on. It just doesn’t happen or work that way.

Women enjoy using fuck buddy dating sites just as much as men although their reasons for using them are often different to those by their male counterparts. It is common knowledge that in any single day a man think about sex far more times that a female does, men just need more sex, asking how much sex is enough to a guy is like asking how long is a piece of string. Ask our male members if they were contacted to meet up for a fuck date by a female member would they agree the first thing they will tell you is yes if they were attracted to the profile picture.

Horny business lady seeking male companion for no strings attached fun

Horny business lady seeking male companion for no strings attached fun

So what kind of women use fuck buddy dating sites? The answer is pretty simple, women who are married and feel unwanted or who are stuck with a selfish partner. Women who are married and their husbands work away from home for several weeks at a time. Single women who want to enjoy sex but haven’t the time for a needy boyfriend maybe because they put their work first. Widows who do not wish to find love again but wish to feel wanted. Older women who have older husbands and they wish to find a younger guy to make them feel young again. Women who have a fetish for a threesome or they enjoy being a hot wife in a cuckold relationship.

Women who go in search of discreet pleasures online do so because they want the ease and simplicity of what a discreet sex date has to offer. They enjoy taking their time looking through the profiles and pictures of the male members; you have all seen women before looking through a shopping catalogue before haven’t you?


Cougar seeking male for naughty fun on a strictly no strings basis

Females love choice, they like taking their time looking at what is on offer. It makes them feel more in control, it is their choice and they enjoy the build-up and the flirting with a few messages before agreeing to meet. This is why those male members who take a little time creating a profile and uploading a few images of themselves do far better than those who put little to zero effort into a profile.

Women want to know that it is going to be both safe and enjoyable meeting with a stranger for sex; they like to at least get to know a little about the person they are intending to meet if only via an online presence. Women like to set the rules, please note this is different to making the rules. Setting the rules means that you are both in agreement, you are on the same starting and finish page, you both know what is permitted and what is not permitted before you meet.


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For example, she might be married to a wealthy guy who is well known in the area and she will need to meet you a few miles away, she will almost definitely ask you for reassurances that this is going to be no strings attached and that you will be clean shaven so that you do not leave any rashes on her skin. Women seeking men for sex online is not a myth, see for yourself, sign up today and discover that we have told you is true.