Your Place Or Mine

So you have agreed to meet someone for a no strings sex date and you cannot decide where to meet. Sometimes the decision is taken away from you because one of the participants is married or because there are others in your home who must not know. Assuming that this isn’t the case how do you decide where to meet up? Many women feel safer in their own homes while some do not like the thought of their sex date knowing where they live.

One of our female staff members openly enjoys the casual sex scene and she has described her worst fear as having to kick the guy out afterwards from her bed as he snuggles in assuming he can stay a while longer after they have had sex, for that reason she prefers to be the one that travels. It opened a debate between the women in the office, some saying they would also fear their sex date might turn up unannounced at a later date assuming they could get it on again.

It is vitally important to set the ground rules before you decide to meet. Don’t be afraid to tell the person you are interested in where you stand, if the stop over rule bothers you agree to meet earlier in the day, meeting for a sex date late in the evening might mean that one or both of you fall asleep afterwards, waking in the morning when you need to get ready for work could leave you both feeling awkward. Some of our female members will only agree to meet up with married men as they know that once the sex is over they will be rushing to get back to their wives and they are far less likely to turn up unannounced. When it comes to a fuck date married guys have far more to lose over their single counterparts.


You could always book a cheap room at an edge of the town hotel, it doesn’t mean you have to stay the night, you just check in at 2.00pm and you will even have facilities there so you can have a shower and ensure you are all cleaned up afterwards, there is nothing worse than going home to your partner smelling of your fuck buddies perfume or aftershave. With a hotel room you do not have to worry about stains on the sheets either or something like a hair band being accidentally left behind or a condom wrapper being discovered.

Being away from home turf will also allow you to control when it is over, you can get up and walk away when you want to and you do not have to fret about having to tell someone okay goodbye it is time to go now. Guys, this one is for you. NO the back of your car isn’t going to cut it; most women grew out of a quickie shag in the back of the car many years ago, it isn’t comfortable, you risk getting caught and for most women it doesn’t feel safe being driven to a quiet field or woodland and you might not want to but the women will almost certainly wish to freshen up and a quick rub with a wet wipe isn’t go to win you any favours.