My Place Or Yours?

This is a subject that I deliberated over for some time and another reason why on-line dating sites offer a safer alternative when it comes to one night stands. I feel safe in my own home, however I don’t want to have to hurry some guy up to leave as he snuggles up in my bed assuming he can stay a while longer after we have had sex. I am not sure I want guys I have met for the first time to know where I live and I definitely don’t want them turning up unannounced.

Yes some of my more regular fuck buddies do get an invite back to my place but they know where they stand, they know my rules and I do feel 100% comfortable when I am with them and they are all married men. Okay call me a harlot but when it comes to  a shag date married guys have far more to lose than a single woman. However when it comes to a new fuck date it is their place or a hotel room when meeting for the first time.

One particular dating site I use offers the members a rating system, this sounds awful so allow me to explain. It isn’t a rating system for how good a shag they were, it is a rating system for honesty and reliability. I never agree straight away to meet someone new, I like to get to know them a little through the dating sites interface before speaking with them on the phone and then if all is well I take it further.

Being away from my turf allows me to control when it is over, I can get up and walk away when I want to and I don’t have to worry about getting someone to leave my home. Hotels are great because you can pop in the bathroom afterwards and take a shower and the sheets are always clean. Believe me I have been to some guys homes and I have had to walk back out, the smell and the filth was unbearable. Guys if you have a smelly dirty home what does it say about yourself?

Finally guys it is always a no when it comes to the car for sex. I grew out of shagging in the back of a car long ago, it isn’t comfortable, you risk getting caught and it doesn’t feel safe being driven to a quiet field or woodland and I do like to have a quick freshen up after, a quick wipe over with a wet wipe doesn’t do it for me.

Why Do Women Need One Night Stands

So why do women enjoy one night stands? – For the same reason as guys I guess. For me, I enjoy the thrill and excitement of having sex with someone new, it is fun, it makes me feel wanted and it feels damn good. We all have different reasons as to why we prefer no strings relationships, I just haven’t the time for a serious boyfriend at the moment but I don’t want to go without the sex. I certainly haven’t the time or the energy for night clubs and even if I did, the thought of finding myself a drunken guy at a bar does not appeal to me, even if he wasn’t drunk and the night was still young, that type of atmosphere would make me feel uneasy, hence why I use online dating sites, something I will go into a little later. For now I will leave it there, this is my first entry and I do not wish for it to get buried away where nobody ever reads it.